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Supporting the R.E.A.L. Foundation with a spring garden luncheon.

A few weeks ago, We met Mickey Robertson (owner of Glenmore House) and her daughter Clementine. As we had been treated to a fantastic lunch where each ingredient came straight from the incredible seasonal garden, we thought it would be wonderful to share this culinary experience with some of you, and were we right!

Last week-end we visited Mickey again and seized this opportunity to host a successful fundraising event for the R.E.A.L Foundation. The focus of the foundation is to empower individuals to reach their own potential through tailored and innovative mentoring programs, through the Hands That Shape Humanity social enterprise.

We were joined by a group of like-minded friends and sustainability enthusiasts to enjoy a frolic in the garden and a springtime luncheon specially created by r.e.a.l.’s executive chef and long-time friend Eon Waugh.

Head-chef for a day of our little pop-up restaurant, Eon created a succulent menu of spring soup and tart, which we served in our Hands That Shape Humanity ceramic bowls and plates, while Garden teas and organic coffee were served in ceramic mugs from the same range of specially crafted ceramics, which guests were able to keep for a small donation.

Each plate, bowl and mug displays a ‘message for humanity’ from one of ‘Hands’ participants (Isabel Allende, Queen Noor, Philippe Stark and Natasha McElhone amongst others) with inspiring words that include “If not you who else?”, “we are made for love”, and “infinite possibilities exist within”.

All proceeds from the event will go directly towards supporting the R.E.A.L Foundation’s Mentoring Programs which are currently running in collaboration with the College of Fine Arts in Sydney, as well as towards the development and implementation of our upcoming programs.

If you couldn’t make it to this event but would still like to support us, you can do so by visiting the R.E.A.L store in Sydney or online through the sale of our Hands That Shape Humanity products, which include limited edition ceramic tableware, silver jewellery, screen-printed Tees and an exclusive collection of summer tote bags.

And of course, we must thank Mickey for supporting us and allowing us to turn her labour of love into the backdrop of ours. Even better than great minds thinking alike is great friends coming together to inspire and share the love.

We hope you will be able to join us next time!