ISABEL ALLENDE activist | writer | dreamer

Isabel is an award-winning author who has turned personal tragedy into stories that inspire hope around the world.

Born in Peru and raised in Chile, Isabel is widely considered one of the most popular novelists in the world today. Inspired by the lives and deaths of her uncle and her daughter, two of her books have won worldwide acclaim for their insight into the strength of the human spirit.

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CRAIG VENTER humanitarian | scientist | voyager

Craig is the decoder of the human genome (the set of chromosomes in the human body containing its genes and associated DNA) and widely recognised for his contribution to research in this area. He is a strong advocate for protection against genetic discrimination and the need for better science education for children and the public at large.

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PAULO COELHO writer | philosopher | archer

Paulo’s writing is considered iconic, and he is widely considered among the most influential authors of the 21st century. His books have been translated into 56 languages, and are often the subject of social and cultural debate. Paulo is a regular speaker at the World Economics Forum and a special consultant to UNESCO.

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DESMOND TUTU priest | pacifist | peacemaker

His name is synonymous with peace, truth and reconciliation. The first black priest to be made General Secretary of the South African Council of Churches, Desmond received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1984 for his efforts in peacefully promoting transformation in South Africa, and later served as head of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

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humanitarian | environmentalist | peace activist

After working on various international urban planning and design projects, Noor married King Hussein of Jordan, thereby becoming queen. Her social activism in the Middle East has raised global awareness of the needs in the region and she has played a major role in promoting international understanding of Middle Eastern politics and a variety of humanitarian issues.

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CHINUA ACHEBE novelist | storyteller | humanitarian

Chinua is an award winning novelist whose stories have changed the face of African literature. His novel, Things Fall Apart, has sold more than 8 million copies worldwide, making it the highest selling African novel ever.

He is considered by many critics as one of the finest Nigerian and African novelists alive, and is widely regarded as one of the best novelists now writing in the English language.

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Carlos Santana

CARLOS SANTANA musician | activist | humanitarian

In addition to being an award-winning international music icon, Carlos Santana is a tireless campaigner for peace, joy, compassion and charitable causes. In 1969, he grabbed the world’s attention with his Latin-flavored rock at the Woodstock Festival and he remains one of the world’s most accomplished artists today.

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Natascha McElhone

NATACHA MCELHONE mother | actress | english rose

Best known for her roles in films such as The Truman Show, Laurel Canyon and Surviving Picasso, Natascha has a unique ability to bring integrity, grace and respect to her art.

Natascha’s early stage credits include starring roles in a number of London and Manchester productions. In 1996 she made her film debut in Surviving Picasso opposite Anthony Hopkins.

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