Hands That Shape Humanity wishes to acknowledge our partners.


Being able to read and write is a basic human right.

Yet only 1 in 5 kids in remote Indigenous communities in Australia can read a book, and many children from refugee and migrant families are also struggling because of missed schooling and lack of support. People without literacy and numeracy skills are blocked from opportunities most of us take for granted. The Australian Literacy and Numeracy Foundation (ALNF) has made it its mission, along with the community, to help bridge the gap, and open up the world of literacy for everyone.

Website: alnf.org


“Kids helping kids”

SchoolAid is a national schools-based philanthropy network empowering kids to help kids in crisis. SchoolAid’s purpose is to promote a world where Australian children live the values of care and compassion and so develop a lifelong sense of moral and social responsibility.

SchoolAid enables and empowers primary school kids to make a tangible difference to the lives of other children – kids helping kids – through commitment and action. By participating in SchoolAid’s programs, kids learn a sense of personal and social responsibility about the needs of others, and how the power of their actions can truly make a difference.

Website: www.schoolaid.org.au

ITC Ethical Fashion Initiative

“Not charity, just work”

Ethical Fashion Initiative brings together the fashion industry with artisans in Africa and Haiti, by providing work for marginalized people who have a strong desire to improve their lives. Ethical Fashion Initiative makes it possible for the fashion world to embrace the skills of artisans in the developing world and reflects the industry and public’s desire to create and buy ethically.

Read more about it here.


Australia’s largest department store group and a leader Australian retailing. Myer and Hands That Shape Humanity partnered to bring the African Charity Tote Bag Initiative to life in the summer of 2012, bridging the gap between acclaimed fashion designers and artisans in Africa.

Website: www.myer.com.au