The S.E.A.T Project – Niki Banados

S.E.A.T teaches children about social responsibility, their own gifts & talents, raises funds for indigenous literacy and encourages community engagement.

S.E.A.T was designed by College of Fine Arts graduate Niki Banados as part of the Hands That Shape Humanity ‘Hand Up’  mentor program. It is a small bamboo stool  for children and is produced in a sustainable bamboo factory in Vietnam, where they use the off cuts from the bamboo to fuel the furnace that powers the whole bamboo factory!

S.E.A.T was designed according to the cradle-to-cradle design theory – it requires no glue or nails and is 100% biodegradable, including the packaging.

However, as a demonstration of our butterfly effect we decided that S.E.A.T could stand for something more. Being small and easily assembled by children, we pictured S.E.A.T as a great school project which encourages teamwork, problem solving, literacy and teaches kids about sustainability, community and how we can all help each other.

To us, S.E.A.T represents empowerment. Our vision is to see S.E.A.T reading circles, and pop up libraries in every school and Indigenous community in Australia (and possibly the world for that matter!) So as part of our vision we asked master storyteller, Lesley Hancock, to write our story of S.E.A.T and how such an ordinary stool could be so extraordinary. S.E.A.T: The Little Stool That Could is now an illustrated children’s book.  Our book brings S.E.A.T and his friend Bea, the paper mache butterfly to life.

S.E.A.T is a wonderful catalyst for community engagement. We partnered with the Australian Literacy and Numeracy Foundation (ALNF) and agreed to use the sale of S.E.A.T to help them raise funds to implement their award winning literacy programs in areas where Australian children suffer from the severe and debilitating limitations of poor literacy and numeracy levels.

It’s easy to get Involved! Buy a S.E.A.T, an education package for a classroom or a school, the book - S.E.A.T: The Little Stool That Could”, donate to ALNF, sponsor a reading circle, sponsor a pop-up library or get your school involved in the S.E.A.T Art Program.

Website: The S.E.A.T Project