Protect the Child – Jason Giam

Children in the DRC have been displaced by a civil war that has lasted over 10 years and taken over 5 million lives. Like for many developing countries, mineral wealth has driven the nations leaders into moral bankruptcy. Over $100,000 worth of conflict minerals are mined by children then traded by militia each year.

Do you know where these minerals go? Into our mobile phones, laptops, cameras, just about every personal electronic device you can think of.

We have partnered with NGO Save the Children to help raise awareness of this issue, and hopefully make enough of an impact to force companies to be transparent in where they source their minerals. It’s been done with blood diamonds in Sierra Leone and sweatshop factories in Asia so there is hope for the Congo.

As part of the Hand Up Mentor Program, Jason Giam, 2009 COFA graduate, designed a range of graphic T shirts and posters surrounding the issue of CONFLICT MINERALS in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. His aim is to raise awareness of the issue among his generation (who are the largest users of technology today), and also to raise funds for non-government organisation Save the Children, who will use the funds to facilitate education for children displaced by the war that continues to be fuelled by conflict minerals in the DRC.

Register your voice, donate, buy a t-shirt or join our social media network and you can make a difference. You, as a consumer have the right to know whether there is blood on your phone. You have the ability to force electronic companies to ethically source their products and be able to trace them.