Life in Parts – Santina Ingui

Somewhere between Art and Design, Santina Ingui’s project, Life in parts, explores the fragile nature of the human condition when it is impacted by mental illness. Ingui’s exploration of vessels, whether in translucent ceramic or felt, creates a subtle dialogue on our condition as the vessels for our own emotions, sometimes and with devastating consequences, brimming to the top to the point of overflowing. Santina aims to use this project “to create positive social change, to begin to diminish the stigma surrounding mental illness.”

What began as a school project for this COFA student was then pursued as a mentorship under the guidance of ceramicist Katherine Mahoney for exhibition in late 2012.

Through the sensitive execution of her art, Santana provokes an awareness and insight into the fragility of the mind and it’s capacity to share, to hide and to express Life in Parts. The bottle shape is a metaphor for people, like us it is a vessel that holds things in, let’s things out and sometimes overflows.The technique Santina used was felt soaked in porcelain and then fired at a high temperature. The vessels often moved in the kiln creating each one as a unique form, just like the individuality of people. These translucent still life objects create a beautiful reminder of who we truly are and our need to express, share and hide.

Santina’s work is currently on exhibition at The r.e.a.l store during the month of December.