Geographe Primary School takes a S.E.A.T towards reconciliation.

For the last 6 weeks, a class of year 5 children have been using their creative thinking as a tool to better understand and appreciate their local indigenous culture thanks to a Reconciliation Grant awarded by the Department of Indigenous Affairs and a clever little stool that goes by the name of S.E.A.T.

Since 2010, Geographe Primary School has led an innovative reconciliation program in collaboration with Genevieve Forrest, a talented artist who is the school’s Aboriginal and Islander Education Officer.

“Genevieve’s role has included the vital role of collaborating with our local Noongar community and elders, guiding our project so we are respectful, aware of protocols and able to include local Noongar language,” explains Ana Nail, primary visual arts teacher at Geographe PS.

With a shared focus on literacy through language and visual storytelling, Nail saw a great connection between the school’s approach and the S.E.A.T Project. “I had read about the S.E.A.T Project and was immediately interested in using it for our school,” explains Nail.

“Working with Genevieve has been wonderful. Over the months, Genevieve’s perspective coupled with …

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